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SeaMonkey 2.24 for Tahr

February 11, 2014 — BarryK
Yay, I finally have been able to compile SeaMonkey in Quirky Tahr

Previously, trying to compile 2.23 on my latest laptop (Acer 5742G), it would crash -- actually turn off the laptop, instantly -- weird, it happened part-way through compiling. Reboot, then recommence compiling, after awhile got a javascript-related error.

This time, I used my older Acer laptop. Somewhat more modest specs, with only 512MB RAM, but it has been a trusty workhorse for many years, and it didn't fail me this time either. SM 2.24 compiled successfully, runnning Quirky Tahr 6.0.4, booting off a USB Flash stick.

Here are the PETs (31.3MB, 28.8MB):

These PETs will be in the next build of Quirky Tahr (probably 6.0.5), and Sylpheed (email and news client) will be removed, however, qutIM (multiprotocol chat client) will be retained (and will be launched via the 'chat' icon on desktop).


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