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pup_event utilities written in BaCon

March 04, 2014 — BarryK
/usr/local/pup_event/pup_event_frontend_d.bac and pup_event_ipc.bac are written in BaCon and were compiled with BaCon version 2.1.7 or earlier.

01micko reported recently that they do not compile with a later version of BaCon. He had to go back to a 2.1.x version compiler for his x86-64 Slacko Puppy.

Peter, the creator and maintainer of BaCon, found out the cause of the problem:

Peter has posted a fixed pup_event_ipc.bac, at the above link, that will compile with recent versions of BaCon. Puppy developers can use this in Woof. It should also be straightforward to fix pup_event_frontend_d.bac.

I will post this under the "Puppy" category, but it also applies to "Quirky".


Registration on the BaCon forum is needed to access the download. I did register, but by the time it was approved I had slacko-5.7 built and out the door so it ships with the older version, which has proved reasonably stable.


Tags: linux