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New Puppy home page?

October 24, 2014 — BarryK
There is a problem as I am not updating

There is some discussion about Puppy home alternatives:

Raffy is the main guy to make a decision, a very long-established Puppy fan and supporter, who has established his credentials over many years.

Raffy already has control over the content of (as well as others, as it is a wiki).

If Raffy suggests where should be redirected to, I will seriously look at that.

However, is a problem. It is the primary domain that I used when registering my account with, and all my domains, for example, live on the that hostgator account.

I don't know/think hostgator will allow to be taken out of its primary role in the account. Maybe they can, or maybe I would have to register a new account, with say as the primary domain, and port everything over.

I haven't asked hostgator about this yet.

Tags: linux