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Puppy Linux 6.0 "Tahrpup" released

October 29, 2014 — BarryK
We have another official Puppy Linux release!

Since I retired from developing Puppy Linux early in 2014, keen members of the Puppy-community forked my Woof Puppy-builder, naming it woof-CE.

Since then, 01micko has been active with a Puppy built from Slackware packages, named "Slacko Puppy", latest is 5.7 with a new release expected soon.

The guys have also been working on another pup, built from Ubuntu Trusty Tahr binary packages, under the leadership of Phil Broughton (666philb in the Puppy Forum), and this has now reached release status. It is named "Tahrpup" and is version 6.0.

Tahrpup is an official release of Puppy Linux for those who would like the package manager to have compatibility with the large collection of packages in the Ubuntu repository, and able to install and use most of them.
Some default package choices, such as VLC, UI and system operations, are different from the Slacko Puppy build, which may be other reasons users might choose Tahrpup.

Here is the Forum thread with the announcement:

Also announced here, with release notes:

Download from ibiblio:

As you can see, there is a choice of PAE or no-PAE kernel, both of the live-CD iso files are 199MB (if in doubt, choose the latter).

Direct links:

There is also the "devx" SFS (114MB):

A European mirror that you might find faster:

Forum thread for bug reports:

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