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QU: kernel, JWM, FreeOffice

October 21, 2014 — BarryK
I have compiled the 3.16.6 Linux kernel for QU (Quirky Unicorn).

I recently saw this:

That is, SoftMaker Office for Android, but with the full traditional UI. Now, that really is intriguing!

Anyway, I got the idea of putting FreeOffice 2012, the free version of SoftMaker Office, into QU. Consequently, I have created a PET.

FreeOffice is very nice, but requires a license key to use. I have setup the PET so that there is link to the SoftMaker website to acquire the license key.

When I first used FreeOffice, all dialog windows where truncated on the right side. This bug has also been reported on the Puppy Forum (with snapshot):

It turned out to be a bug in JWM, so I have updated to JWM revision 976, now FreeOffice dialog boxes are OK.

Tags: linux