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QU: system utilities updated

October 23, 2014 — BarryK
I updated QU to L18L's momanager 20140326 PET package.

Actually, I downloaded, but found that it has a broken pet.specs file, so fell back to the older one that I had downloaded earlier.

I also got L18L's latest langpack_de 20141007.

I found langpack_it-20141015, there was a choice, chose the one supposed to work on precise, wary, etc.

Note, my original intention was that there would only be one langpack for a language, for all Puppy flavours. Differences could be taken care of within the langpack.

BaCon BASIC compiler updated to version 3.0.2beta.

f2fs-tools now 1.4.0.

usb-modeswitch now 2.2.0 and data is 20140529.

I don't intend to make under-the-bonnet changes before the first release of QU. This is really just shaping up to be a major kernel, utility and application upgrade, relative to Quirky Tahr.

I do have plans to improve the infrastructure, for example the "audit" mechanisms, but will probably get into that later.

Tags: linux