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Booting Fatdog64 live-CD

November 06, 2014 — BarryK
This is a brief report on my experience with booting Fatdog64 700b2, on my laptop with conventional BIOS, and another "win8.1" laptop with UEFI firmware.

Firstly, the BIOS case. Booted up without any issues, fast. No issues with shutting down either.

Now for the win8.1 laptop. I had to go into the UEFI firmware at bootup, by hitting the F2 key, and place the CD first in the boot order. Also, Secure Boot is turned off.

The CD then did boot. I got a nice GUI menu, and chose normal bootup. Then got the GRUB menu and had to choose again. Hmmm. Then got essentially a blank screen with only the Fatdog logo on it.

I waited, thought it had hung. Went away for awhile, came back and found that it had booted to the desktop. Hmmm again.

Seemed to work ok.

At shutdown (I chose not to save the session), was slow, then got into an endless loop trying to "disconnect" the Logitech USB mouse.
I waited for quite some time, then did a hard power-off by holding down the power key.

So, conventional BIOS is great, UEFI very unsatisfactory, at least on my test laptop.

I am working on getting Quirky Unicorn to boot from a USB stick on the win8.1 machine. Have got part-way there, will give a report on that soon, well, hopefully I will succeed on getting it to boot.

Tags: linux