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Pondering on Quirky Erik

November 22, 2014 — BarryK
"Quirky Erik" is the codename I have given to Quirky built from source using Buildroot. See my recent blog posts.

Apart from scratching an itch, I have been wondering how far I should go with this Buildroot-to-Quirky thing.

Well, it does give anyone the opportunity to create their own tiny Puppy-like distro from source packages. There might be interest in it from that point of view.
The steps are quite straightforward, and I am documenting it carefully.

So far, I have got Quirky Erik booting to a working desktop, with some caveats. I should be able fix the remaining problems,

Right now, Buildroot is doing a recompile, configured without 'ffmpeg', only 'gstreamer' (1.0), trying to get the size right down.
There is the 'vlc' CLI (commandline-only) audio/video player, and I was thinking of using sc0ttman's vlc-gtk GUI -- but I did a quick test and it wouldn't play anything -- so maybe I will create a live-CD and ask sc0ttman to help find out what is wrong there.

But, I really don't know if I can leave out ffmpeg, as so many of our Puppy in-house apps use it. The ones that I can think of right now are:

pavrecord, pburn, pdvdrsab, precord

Any thoughts on Quirky Erik and Buildroot, feel free to post to this thread in the Puppy Forum:

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