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Puppy continues

November 30, 2014 — BarryK
I have just responded to a thread on the Puppy Forum:

The topic is that Puppy does not have a "mainline" official release anymore. I understand, with so many pup variants around, how this confusion arises.

Here is the text of my reply:

There *is* a "mainline" Puppy!

Puppies built from woof-CE are following the "mainline".

woof-CE is the community-maintained woof, forked after I retired from Puppy development.

woof-CE github:

woof-CE mail-list:

Discussing woof-CE in this Puppy Forum thread:

The latest "official" Puppy, built from woof-CE, is Tahrpup 6.0, which was released recently, and is announced on distrowatch.

My blog announcement for Tahrpup 6.0, created by philb666:

Before Tahrpup 6.0, there was also the "official" Puppy, Slacko 5,7, created by 01micko, also built with woof-CE (in fact, the first official release to do so):

I understand the confusion. It really is not at all obvious these days that there is still a "mainline" pup forging ahead.

Tahrpup is built from Debian DEBs, Slacko from Slackware pkgs. It is in the nature of Puppy to be able to build from the packages of any distro, so future puppies will continue this diversity, including the official releases.

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