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Quirky Erik update, and EOL

November 25, 2014 — BarryK

The latest xz'ed image file is only 96MB, with Midori, Sylpheed, Gnumeric, Abiword, and pretty much everything that you would expect to find in a Puppy or Quirky.

Not bad, considering that most of our pups and quirkies these days are pushing 200MB. The Quirky Unicorn 6.2.1 .xz file is 195MB.

With a bit more work, I could push it below 96MB, however, I have decided to leave working on Buildroot. Coz, I don't really know where I am going with it.

The desktop of QE works, I can go online with Midori, except it crashes when I go to Some pages render awful.
I am using old Gnumeric and Abiword PETs from Wary5, they work fine. Mtpaint also from Wary5, but it crashes when do File -> Open.

So, there are bugs, but I won't be fixing them. I will leave it to anyone else who might have the itch to compile a root filesystem with Buildroot and import it into the Quirky build system -- and build a Puppy-like distro.

I have uploaded the latest Quirky build system: I haven't, cannot upload to
...I will post a comment when succeed.

quirky-20141124.tar.gz needs to be expanded in a partition with Linux filesystem, and at least 20GB free space. It is recommended to create a top-level folder in the partition named something like 'quirky-project', and download the tarball inside that folder, and expand it there, it will expand as folder 'quirky'.

In quirky/woof-code/support/buildroot, you will find instructions on how to compile a root filesystem using Buildroot, and how to import it into Quirky.

What's next
I have learned quite a lot from this exercise, and can see how it would be fairly easy to apply the same principles to any other root filesystem. Might look into that.
Or might do some else...


This is the Quirky build system (21.6MB):

Tags: quirky, linux