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Quirky live-CD

November 04, 2014 — BarryK
Some of the Quirky testers have expressed the desire for a Quirky Unicorn live-CD, so here it is.

It is very different from Puppy Linux live-CDs, and classified as experimental. Read the full announcement here:

Most important, this CD will only run in a computer with at least 1.5GB RAM, preferably 2GB. Also, i686-class CPU required.
Actually, I have only tested in my laptop with 4GB RAM, I am just theorising that 1.5GB will work -- you could try with that amount, or even less, and let me know.

Download (231.5MB):

Yeah, it is big!


I have only just now uploaded it, not yet in the mirrors. But, soon it should be available in the faster nluug mirror, see here:

As usual, feedback can be posted here:

Tags: quirky, linux