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Syslinux 5.x, 6.x partly broken

November 03, 2014 — BarryK
I am testing syslinux 6.03, with a view to UEFI booting, but have run into a bug.

Just using it for booting a USB stick, with normal MBR and a conventional BIOS computer, boots up ok, displays the text screens, but not the 'logo.16' LSS image.

Users of the Puppy live-CD will know about that image, it is the first thing you see, with a short message below it to wait five seconds or press the F2 key for a help screen.

I searched online, couldn't find any info. Then recalled that we did have problems with syslinux 5.x sometime ago, so stayed with 4.05 or 4.06 for Puppy. Here is one discussion: can see at bottom of thread, Karl Godt reporting the same problem with the LSS image not displaying.

I posted an enquiry to the syslinux mail-list, and Ady kindly replied promptly to let me know this is a known bug.
Ady posted this link:

I hope very much that one of the syslinux developer guys takes this one onboard!

Tags: linux