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The status quo

November 04, 2014 — BarryK
Just a friendly reminder. Newcomers of course might not realise the situation...

Puppy Linux
I have been receiving some emails with questions about "tahrpup".

Tahrpup is the latest official release of Puppy Linux. I announced it on my blog, as that has remained as the place for such announcements. However, I am retired from Puppy development.

Please see the blog announcement for Tahrpup (Puppy Linux 6.0), with link to the Puppy Forum where the developers and testers lurk and questions can be asked:

Quirky Linux
Quirky Linux is a fork of Puppy, and I am developing Quirky, on-again, off-again, exploring interesting ideas. Quirky is becoming increasingly diverged from Puppy, though, to use it, you might feel as though you are using another Puppy -- because it is mostly what is under-the-bonnet that is changing.

People are trying Quirky, but thinking in "Puppy terms". It is great that you are having a play with Quirky, but it would be good to recognise how Quirky is different.
A starting point is the readme for the original Quirky, that was built from packages compiled from source in T2:

Later I created Quirky Tahr, built from Ubuntu Trusty Tahr DEBs:

And most recently, Quirky Unicorn, built from Ubuntu 14.10 Utopic Unicorn DEBs.

The "Ubuntu builds" have significant differences, much bigger, with all xorg video drivers, llvm -- lots of packages that were not in the "T2 build".

Anyway, one of the most important things to know about Quirky, is that there is no "pupsave" file. Quirky is a full Linux installation only, like other distros except with heavy duty rollback and recovery tools.

Quirky forum
Comments to this blog are disabled, which was done earlier this year because of security violations. I have not got this blog script to a state where I am confident of reinstating comments.

There have been posts about Quirky in different places in the Puppy Forum. The problem with that is that I don't monitor all posts to the Forum.

However, I am monitoring this thread:

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