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April compiled in T2

December 12, 2014 — BarryK
I posted recently that Quirky April is on the way:

I am compiling from source using T2. My objective is to compile everything from source in T2, something that I have not achieved before.

I haven't got there yet, but the vast majority of packages are compiled in T2, about 440. The last compile took just under 24 hours, using one core of my laptop's Intel i3 CPU (as running all 4 cores crashes the laptop when compiling gcc).

Getting all of the packages into T2 is an ongoing project, likely to take a few more weeks. Before that, I intend to build and release a Quirky April, maybe as a live-CD. Might classify it as a "beta" release, which I don't normally do with Quirkies.

Getting absolutely everything to compile in T2 is a worthy goal, as T2 is designed to compile for various CPU targets. It might then be a simple matter of changing the CPU target from "i686" to "x86_64", and let her rip for 24 hours.
Or, more likely, Murphy's Law will intervene!

Anyway, not sure when I can upload the propose "beta". Maybe in a week.

Tags: linux