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December 04, 2014 — BarryK
I wanted to implement this in Woof for a long time, but now have done it in the Quirky build system.

Each target build, for example Quirky Unicorn, will now have a file 'default-theme'. This is the content in the case of Quirky Unicorn:

#3builddistro will read this, when building Quirky.

#gtk, jwm, wallpaper: names of pet pkgs, which may actually have more than one
# theme inside, hence the : separator with actual theme name.

The scripts 3builddistro and support/choose_themes now support this. In the case of GTK, JWM, Openbox and wallpaper, the script choose_themes will still popup a dialog box, but it is now preset to the appropriate choices.

In the case of ROX-Filer text settings, 3builddistro no longer asks anything, just uses the settings in default-theme, or falls back to the original (black text, thin shadow, DejaVu Sans 10).

This makes it a bit easier when building quirkies, as it is not required to remember all the theme choices every time a build is done.


I provided patches to mavrothal, who has applied this default-theme feature to woof-CE.

woof-CE developers will have to manually create the 'default-theme' file, though.
Put it in the same folder where you have the other files for the target build, DISTRO_PKGS_SPECS-* and so on.
merge2out will automatically copy it to the target build folder.

I have started work on another file, 'build-choices', that can be created alongside 'default-theme'.
The objective of 'build-choices' is to specify all the other things that are asked for when 3builddistro is run.
The objective being that 3builddistro will just run right through with few or even no questions.

Tags: linux