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Gpptp v2.0 in T2

December 18, 2014 — BarryK
I announced recently the work that Puppy Forum member jafadmin has done, developing Gpptp, which is PPTP VPN client:

The PET package has two binary executables in it. I have taken the sources out to a separate package, named 'gpptp-2.0' and the compiled binary pkg will have the same name.
The PET, without the binaries, is now named 'gpptp-noarch-2.0'.

The latter will be uploaded to the Quirky noarch PET repo soon. It will be here:

The former will be uploaded to the April sources repo soon. That is here, not complete yet:

The binary packages created by T2 will be uploaded here, but there is nothing there yet:

Tags: linux