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Improved integration T2, Quirky

December 14, 2014 — BarryK
My "Quirky build system" is a fork from Woof, late 2013. It has been going on its own divergent way, focused on building Quirky Linux, which is like creating a "specialised hunting knife", as opposed to Puppy Linux being a "Swiss army knife".

Anyway, rather than the long-winded name for my fork, I might just refer to it from now on as "woofQ".

So, woofQ has a script '0pre', which is also in earlier woofs, that is for importing binary packages that have been compiled in T2.

I have modified 0pre to remember the path to T2, so that it does not have to be re-entered.

I have created a new script, '0pre-add', to import additional packages from T2.

The scenario here is I use T2 to do a compile, it takes about 24 hours. I can then run '0pre' in woofQ to import the packages.
However, I usually compile more packages in T2, for example, today I have just compiled SeaMonkey, which I had not done in the original compile, due to some uncertainty about it being able to compile.

Having compiled SeaMonkey, or any other packages in T2, over in woofQ I can run '0pre-add', which will interrogate T2 and detect new packages and offer to import them.
0pre-add will create the appropriate package-database entry.

This new script makes my interactions between T2 and woofQ much more productive.


I compiled seamonkey and evince in T2, and tested 0pre-add to import them into Quirky (will I keep using that name "woofQ"? -- dunno if I like it really).

In both cases, needed templates for seamonkey and evince in woofQ, to cut the binary packages down and configure them.

The new script works great.

Note, my current build of Quirky April has epdfview, but it doesn't display all images in PDFs. I have applied the patch to fix colours, but the image problem makes it useless.
Evince is a PDF viewer, works well.

Tags: quirky, linux