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More packages into T2

December 15, 2014 — BarryK
I mentioned yesterday that about 440 packages got compiled in T2, to build Quirky April.

However, there are still a lot of core packages that are just PETs, that remain to be imported.

I am gradually working through them, importing them into T2.
Today I have done these:


Some of those haven't been compiled since the puppy4 days, and required patches. Some don't have 'configure', nor even a makefile.

The great thing is, compiling these is now formalised. In my local T2 for now, I intend to merge with Rene's online T2 at some time in the future.


I have added these:


The first is the complex-number calculator that has been in puppies for ages. It needed a patch to compile.

The second is the 'close' utility used by Pburn.

xresprobe (has 'ddcprobe' utility)
libmaa (compiled statically, needed by 'dict')
dict_client ('dict' client utility only, not the server)

libx86 (needed by read-edid)
elspci (an oldy, created in 2007 by Jesse Lilley)

read-edid is the latest version, see home page:


The situation is that there are two PETs that have binary executables inside them:

'file_sharing-curlftpfs-mpscan' was created by kirk I think. It has 'curlftpfs' and 'mpscan' binaries in it.
I have compiled curlftpfs and mpscan packages in T2, and rebuilt 'file-sharing-curlftpfs-mpscan-noarch' PET in the noarch repo.

'floppy_formatter' is a PET created by Puppy Forum member '8-bit'. It has 'ufiformat' binary in it, for formatting usb floppy drives.
I have compiled the ufiformat package in T2 and created 'floppy-format-noarch' PET in the noarch repo.

Ha ha, it might seem like I am not getting much done in half a day, just 3 or 4 packages compiled in T2. However, there is an incredible amount of work required for each one.
Importing into T2 requires many steps -- apart from the actual compile, there is a description file with description, homepage, download link, etc. Then there may be a lot of messing around to get it to compile, such as a patch, or special configure or install handling.

Then over on the woofQ side, have to update the package list for Quirky April, and maybe create a package template.

Anyway, progressing!

Jemimah patched version 0.6, but her patches are no longer there.

So I have used version 0.7, which Jemimah posted with a Makefile fix.

flsynclient requires the Fast Light Tool Kit, fltk.

I have added it to T2, compiled with static library only.

So, these two are now in T2:

fltk1 (version 1.3.3)

I created a template in woofQ for flsynclient, with the flsynclient.desktop file.

I have built the full dpkg in T2, want to keep that, so it can be installed via the PPM if required.

But I created a new package, 'dpkg-deb' in T2, that only installs the dpkg-deb utility.

I also added the gif2lss package to T2, which is used when building a splash image for syslinux.

So, these are added:



The former is Figaro's Password Manager 2:

Anyway, it is coming up to 1am, another very long day. Time to turn off the laptop!


I had compiled in T2 with 'cdrkit', however, it occurred to me that I would like to be able to update Pburn to the latest that zigbert is developing, which needs cdrtools.

So I got the latest cdrtools, 3.01a25, from here:

The 'gcolorsel' that I compiled is not anywhere on the Internet anymore. It is version 1.0.0 and was create by a Mr Smith.

Unfortunately, there is 'gcolor2' and another completely different 'gcolorsel', but one would not compile, the other gave a segfault when using it. They are better products, feature-wise.


Needed patches from Debian.



Of course, always getting latest versions.

Gifsicle home:

Note that gifsicle has been in pups for a long time. It is used by mtPaint, can also be used directly.

I downloaded the latest glipper-lite, revision 287, from here:

But, I just could not get it to compile in T2.

So, I tried source created by technosaurus, see here:

As forum member disciple posted, the build script needs to be modified, and I had to modify it a bit more.

It compiled in T2, so now add:



I have imported gtklp to T2, but found that it requires cups >= 1.6.

I have cups 1.4.8 in my T2 build, an oldy, but I like that particular version. So, I updated cups in T2 to 1.7.5, then gtklp compiled.

I also fixed a problem with cups. In my Quirky April test build (running right now), I was unable to print, as my usb printer was not detected. This is an old problem, it requires --disable-libusb configure prior to compiling cups (cups will then use the usblp kernel module). Fixed that.

Note: the alternative would be to blacklist the usblp kernel module, so that it doesn't load and claim ownership of usb printers.

The problem now is that I really should do a complete build in T2, to ensure all packages are linked correctly against the cups 1.7.5 package.
Well, I need to do that anyway, as a sanity check.
As soon as I have finished the incremental adding of packages, will do the complete rebuild.

You might wonder, why haven't I bumped up to cups 2.x? Problem is, they have dropped support for openssl, only support gnutls. I don't have the latter in my April build.

So, these added/updated:


gtklp home page:

Oh yeah, I did a complete rewrite of the cups template in woofQ.
It had become a mess, due to hacking on it to accommodate the wildy differing directory layouts adopted by the various distros.
Why they can't just use the default layout I don't know, the packagers have to mess around with it, put things in odd places.
Hopefully the new template will work for all the distros.

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