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New Year greetings

January 01, 2015 — BarryK
To readers of this blog, best wishes for the New Year! It is New Year's Eve where I am, 6.30pm.

A short progress report on Quirky, T2 and woofQ.

I successfully compiled everything in T2 and built Quirky April, the first puplet that I have ever constructed that has no PETs other than "noarch" ones (that is, PETs with only scripts and/or data files, no binary executables).
Absolutely everything is compiled in T2. Oh, except for the kernel, haven't got around to doing that in T2 yet.

That is a i686 build. Now, I am doing a complete rebuild in T2 for amd64 (x86_64). Did a run-through to see how many packages would fail -- about 30 failed, but out of about 550, that is not so bad.

Now doing another amd64 build in T2, fixing each broken package as we go along. Have fixed several so far, keeping fingers crossed that I can get them all to compile!

Tags: linux