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Planner without gnome

December 09, 2014 — BarryK
Planner is a project management application, that has been in most recent puppies and quirkies.

Planner is a gtk2-based application, with gnome dependencies, however Puppy Forum member 'technosaurus' hacked the source to remove gnome deps. However, the configure script has to be tricked with "pretend" gnome files.

I have worked it out, and compiled Planner for the upcoming Quirky April, which is compiled from source using T2.

I have compiled Planner 0.14.6 in T2, and posted the package/gnome2/planner folder to the T2 mail-list:

The Planner source:

Puppy Forum thread:

If you want to compile Planner in your own Puppy or Puppy-derivative, grab the 'planner' tarball and examine it. It formalizes all the steps required, and has the patch from technosaurus.

For the configure options, I suggest this:

# ./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc --localstatedir=/var --build=i686-pc-linux-gnu --disable-schemas-install --disable-python --disable-silent-rules --disable-shared --disable-update-mimedb --enable-static

...note, technosaurus has some optimisations to make the executable smaller, see his forum thread.


Just a note, I am compiling more applications for the upcoming Quirky April.

Have compiled SeaMonkey 2.31, Grisbi 1.0.0, Pidgin 2.10.11.

I did attempt to compile Abiword 3.0.0 (yes an official new release of Abiword!), but it requires 'boost'. So, just now I have compiled boost in T2.

Tags: linux