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Playing with T2

December 03, 2014 — BarryK
I reported recently my adventures "playing" with Gentoo:
And playing with Buildroot: and

Now I have moved onto T2, my old favourite. Many earlier versions of Puppy were built from binary packages compiled from source in T2.

Here is the T2 home:

Many of the packages in T2 are getting a bit "long in the tooth", due to lack of developers. The maintainer Rene, is the main force keeping T2 alive.

I have been very busy the last few days, communicating with Rene, updating packages, fixing those that wouldn't compile. Here are our communications on the T2 mail-list:

And here is the T2 changelog:

I plan to build a Quirky from these packages, and will evaluate the end result and decide whether this is going to be the base for the next series of Quirky, maybe even the LTS.

Note: the significant features of my current build in T2 is what is not there: llvm, mesa, dbus, berkeley-db.
icu is now acceptable to me, as I am able to cut it down, as I reported recently:

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