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pup-tools in T2

December 17, 2014 — BarryK
I posted about compiling BaCon in T2:

That allowed the next step, which is to compile all of my utilities written in BaCon.

In woofQ I have centralised all compilable sources, that are inside woofQ. These are inside a directory named 'source', and there is a script that will construct a source tarball for T2, named pup-tools-<date>.tar.gz.

This script also asks for logos and name of the distro. So, for the example of 'welcome1stboot', the first-boot welcome window, which is actually welcome1stboot.bac, written in BaCon, this is now customisable.
In Quirky, welcome1stboot displays the Quirky logo and text like this:

" Welcome, this is the first time that you have started Quirky"

The logo can be changed to whatever you want, and the name "Quirky" replaced with whatever you want.

So, the generated source tarball can be supplied to T2, and T2 will generate a binary package, with the same name, pup-tools-<date>.tar.bz2.

'pup-tools' needs to be in the package-list of your target-build in woof. Here is the current content of the binary pkg:


Most of these are written in BaCon. Only vercmp, getcurpos and printcols are written in C. I compiled vercmp and printcols statically with dielibc.

Tags: linux