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SeaMonkey woes, T2 build order

December 27, 2014 — BarryK
SeaMonkey woes
My Quirky April build has SeaMonkey 2.31, the latest.

However, it has to rate as one of the buggiest SeaMonkey's ever released.

The problems start with many pre-compile configure options not working -- simply because the developers haven't checked those options are still OK. Important things, like being able to compile Javascript as a shared library.

Using it is mostly OK, but then I found hitting the Google-search button often has to be pressed twice before it works.

But then the killer: sometimes the Send button in Gmail refuses to work. It is a SeaMonkey bug, not Gmail.

I attempted to send an email, muttered some expletives, then booted up Quirky 6.1.4, which has SeaMonkey 2.22.1.
SM now works fine.

I think for the next Quirky April build, I might roll SM back. The thing is, there were scrolling issues with the prior version, so might roll back further.

T2 build order
Changing the subject, T2 has an "achilles heel", a lack of dynamic build order of packages. Build order is set manually, which is so error-prone.

I discovered a few packages that were (optional) dependencies of a package, yet were compiling after that package. I fixed them, but my confidence in the build order became very low.

I decided to do something about it, so wrote a build-order-checker. I posted it to the T2 mail list:


I have bumped SM up to 2.32b2, compiled in T2. Haven't tested it yet.

I have changed the build-order of several packages in T2.

Have started a build in T2, from the start. This is going to take at least 24 hours.

I am hoping that this build will be "it", the basis for Quirky April.
Then hopefully, QA beta-release can come out before end of December.

I also intend to upload my local T2. In fact, I plan to integrate it into woofQ.
So, there will just be the one thing, to compile absolutely everything from source, and build a puplet.

Tags: linux