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T2: starting letter o

December 22, 2014 — BarryK
I have been logging my effort to compile every single source package that most pups need, in T2.
Logs so far:

...chaining the links. Inside that link, you will find a link to previous effort. Or, just go to "Index" above, and look down.

Well, nothing in "o", so onto "p"...

Forum member rcrsn51 has 'peasyport', a nice network scanner:

It has a binary inside it, 'pnscan', so I have taken that out and compiled it in T2. pnscan home:

I got some patches from Debian.

Following earlier convention, I have created PET package 'peasyport-noarch' in the noarch repo.
The 'pet.specs' file specifies pnscan as a dependency.

So, added to T2:



Added these:


picpuz is a jigsaw puzzle.

picscale is written in BaCon, by vovchik:

Here is peasyscale:

Here is peasyscan:

These both have a binary executable in them. rcrsn51 has sent me the sources, so I have compiled those in T2, named them appropriately:


...well, they are the names of the generated binary packages.

In keeping with a convention that I seem to have recently established, I have created these PETs in the noarch repo, without the binary executables: peasyscale-noarch, peasyscan-noarch
I put quite a bit of effort into a pidgin template in woofQ, to get it as small as possible.

Added powerapplet_tray. So:



The first three are new to T2, last was already there (tested it compiles and added it to my package list).

I was thinking of compiling 'puppyphone', but can't find the source. I think that I had it sometime ago, don't know where it got to.

Tags: linux