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T2: starting letter r

December 23, 2014 — BarryK
Getting there! The chained log of progress importing packages into T2:

Now onto the letter "r". First-up, have added this:


retrovol is a superb audio mixer created by long-time Puppy Forum member pizzasgood. See forum post:

pizzasgood also has a home page:


rox-filer is already in T2, but a very old version. I did a major upgrade:


I might not have conveyed the importance of this current project.
What I am doing is formalizing things that up until now have been done in an ad-hoc and manual way.

ROX-Filer for example. I have my notes on how to patch, compile, and install it. I do it manually. I have some patches. After compiling, I create a PET, with various modifications -- basically, I use a previous ROX-Filer PET as the basis.

But, it is all manual. Now, compiling is automatic in T2. I hunted around and found eight patches, such as this one from npierce:

Those patches, and exact steps to compile and install, are now in T2. My local T2 for now.

After T2 creates a binary package, it can be imported into woofQ, where I have a package-templates/rox-filer folder, which is a template that defines everything needed to process the raw binary package into a PET.

In fact, something that might be of great interest to any pup developer: after a binary package (from anywhere, T2, Ubuntu, etc) is imported, after the '2createpackages' script has been run, the folders created for each package are in a form to be very easily made into PETs.
it is a trivial operation: the package-db entry is already available, so a 'pet.specs' file can be created, then just execute 'dir2tgz' and 'tgz2pet' on the folder.

In fact, it would be very easy to write a script that converts all the folders created by '2createpackages' into PETs.


rp-pppoe home:

rubix home:
Then I discovered that the CIFS mount and umount utilties are no longer part of samba, and are now a separate package 'cifs-utils'.
Which was not in T2, so I added it.


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