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Annoying "Recently used" File Open

January 03, 2015 — BarryK
Dave sent me an email about this, the incredibly annoying "Recently Used" default in the GTK File Open dialog.
Puppy Forum member 'mikeb' found a solution:

I have also found that to be extremely annoying, and a totally useless feature.

I have put the solution into the gtk+ template in woofQ.

Now, how to change the default "current working directory" from /root? ...


More discussion on this topic:

There is even a patch to completely disable the Recently Used feature in GTK-2:

Currently with these sub-directories:
archive downloads grisbi media other personal portable projects

It has been on my to-do list all of 2014, to somehow change the default of GTK File Open dialogs to /file.

Now, having got rid of that Recently Used default, it was easy to change the current working directory from /root to /file:

In /usr/bin/xwin (the script that starts X), there is a line "cd ~", which I changed to "cd /file" -- works great!

Note, as Quirky does not have save-files, /file does not have that space-constraint, having the entire partition available for storage (the partition in which Quirky is installed).

Tags: linux