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April 6.94, i686 CPU

January 23, 2015 — BarryK
I have completed an i686 build in T2, the "April series" of Quirky Linux. This is a "bigX" build, with llvm, mesa and the full gamut of xorg drivers.

If anyone is interested, it is here:

I have updated woofQ, the build system for Quirky. Go here for an introduction and download instructions:

...however, I have not yet uploaded the binary packages that were compiled in T2. I had better do that, so anyone who wants to build their own "April" may do so.

Well, it is possible to download T2 and go through the entire process of compiling everything from source, which will generate the binary packages that woofQ can use. Read about T2 here:

Now using the 3.17.8 kernel:
us#er#na#me: pu#pp#y pa#ss#wo#rd: li#nu#x

Don't have any particular forum thread for feedback, if you want to post feedback, use the "April64" thread:

...the i686 and x86_64 Aprils are just about identical. Same packages, same everything.
The only difference that I can think of right now, is that I have wvdial 1.41 in April64, as wvdial 1.6x crashes (yet I think, it has to be confirmed, 1.6x works in i686 April).

Oh yes, there was a report of Hardinfo crashing in April64, OK in i686. That may be fixed (by rolling back to an earlier version), not yet verified.

Note also, I have not entirely up-to-date with reading the feedback in the April64 thread -- there are some suggestions that still need to be investigated.


I have uploaded the binary packages for building April i686 and x86_64.

For the record, they are here:

In woofQ, when you get to running '1download' script, it should download them.

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