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f.s. check fixed

January 26, 2015 — BarryK
With April64, filesystem check and snapshot recovery were not working.

If there is an abnormal shutdown, a f.s. check is done automatically at next bootup. Or, it can be explicitly chosen by "qfix=fsck" at the boot prompt.

Quirky creates a ramdisk and populates it with a complete Linux environment and does a "switch root" into it, then unmounts and does a f.s. check of the Quirky partition.

It wasn't working because of the slightly different directory layout, with /lib64 and /usr/lib64.
I fixed script /sbin/init (rootfs-skeleton/sbin/initNEW in woofQ).

I haven't tried a snapshot recovery, but did a f.s. check, it now works.

Surprise coming
The f.s.-check fix will be in the next build of April64.
But, it will be a couple of days away, as I am planning a big surprise. I am not quite sure about it yet, but it is looking good, and this may be an extremely interesting April64 indeed.

I need to recompile everything in T2, and I will have to start that running tomorrow evening (it is Sunday evening here right now). I "work" during the day, every Monday.
Then allow at least 24 hours for T2 to do its thing.

So, hopefully I will have something to show by Wednesday!

Tags: linux