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Quirky April 64-bit coming

January 04, 2015 — BarryK
After compiling for a amd64 (x86_64) target in T2, I built Quirky April in woofQ -- and it worked first time!

The desktop, applications, all seems OK.

Some issues though. The 'hwclock' utility fails, and I found that the device node /dev/rtc is needed, but support is missing from the kernel.

With my i686 build, same situation, however 'hwclock' falls back to a method of reading the RTC direct from the ISA bus.
For the x86_64 build, that fallback does not work.

Hence, I am now recompiling the kernel with RTC support.
I installed "April64" to a partition, booted it, and compiling of the kernel is now underway.

Expect announcements soon, when I have April64 ready for testing. I am expecting to release woofQ, with in-built T2, also.

Tags: quirky, linux