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Translation updates

January 01, 2015 — BarryK
I am getting ready to upload the first alpha/beta of Quirky April, and the woofQ/T2 build-everything-from-source, so updating a few things here and there.

Many people have sent me messages over the last month (or more) with upgrades, advice, fixes, etc. I have filed these, some cases just on scraps of paper on my desk. Anyway, now attempting to go through the backlog.

The guys who create the "langpacks" are some of our unsung heroes. Thanks very much! These are the updates that I have now applied:

langpack_fr-20141219 (French)
Author: esmourguit

langpack_pl-20141130 (Polish)
Author: robwoj44
Polish Puppy Forum:

Author: originally me, now maintained by L18L

The PETs will be uploaded soon.


Puppy Forum member 'step' posted that firmware was missing for rtlwifi.

Thanks, updated.

Note, I have created ''.

Tags: linux