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woofQ hosted by Bones

January 16, 2015 — BarryK
woofQ is my Quirky builder system, a fork of Woof. This is specifically for building Quirky, not a Puppy.

Previously, I had just been making tarballs of woofQ and uploading them, however, I have now hosted woofQ with Bones.

Just as I did for T2, see my blog announcement:

Bones is introduced here:

To download woofQ, do exactly as explained for T2, just a slight difference. Setup the top-level folder exactly the same as for T2:

> mkdir projects
> cd projects
> mkdir woof-project
> cd woof-project
> bones setup

'bones setup' brings up a dialog window, choose a username for yourself, and enter this download URL:

T2 and woofQ are a team. You can compile all source packages in T2, then over in woofQ you run the '0pre' script to import the binary packages from T2.

Then, in woofQ, you run the scripts in sequence, '0setup', '1download', '2createpackages' and '3builddistro'.
'0setup' will ask about downloading database files, which should be declined, and '1download' can be skipped.

Get latest Bones from here:

Tags: linux