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wvdial fixed for April

January 24, 2015 — BarryK
wvdial, the modem dialler cli utility, for which we have a GUI frontend named PupDial, used for ye olde analog modem dialup and 3G modem dialup, crashes in April, both the x86_64 and i686 builds.

This is the error message:
wvdial: utils/ static void WvTaskMan::get_stack(WvTask&, size_t): Assertion `task.magic_number == 0x123678' failed.

The bug, with solution is found here:

I have modified package/develop/wvstreams/wvstreams.conf in T2, compiled and tested in April64, wvdial now works.

Using my Optus 3G USB modem right now.

Interesting comments by one of the original authors of wvdial (scroll down a bit):


T2 commit '20150124065517' just uploaded.

This has the fix for wvdial.

Tags: linux