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Live-CD, frugal Quirky coming

February 13, 2015 — BarryK
With Quirky, I have favoured providing an image file that can be written to Flash drive or HD partition.

I have not been interested in a live-CD, nor the famous Puppy "frugal" install.

However, that is about to change. Today I built a Wary64 live-CD, designed to be more RAM-efficient than my previous effort. It works great.

I also did a frugal install to HD, that works great too.

I can't just upload it right now, as I have to write "install" and "save" scripts. These will be icons on the desktop in case of the live-CD.

For the live-CD, "save" is intended to save the session to the CD, either -RW, or if only -R then use a new CD -- I am not going to support multisession, as it doesn't work on laptop optical drives. Nor UDF, as it is not bootable.

I'll work on the scripts tonight, but have other things to do tomorrow (dentist, then my wildlife park volunteer job), so will continue working on the script in the evening.
So maybe Saturday upload.

Tags: quirky, linux