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Quirky 7.0 final released

February 26, 2015 — BarryK
Quirky 7.0, codenamed "April", has been released.

Please read the full announcement and release notes here:

Extracting some of the announcement to here:

I created Puppy Linux back in 2003, but there was never a toolchain for compiling Puppy completely from source. Instead, Puppy is built from binary packages of another distro, plus PET packages compiled natively.
We did use the T2 system right back at Puppy v2, T2 being a system to compile from source, however it only compiled a big chunk of the packages, not all. We still used manual compiling to create many PET packages.

Until now. Starting in December 2014, I tackled the formidable task of compiling everything in T2, and I had to introduce 105 new packages into T2. It took a couple of months, but I eventually was able to compile every package required for Quirky (my fork of Puppy).

T2 is able to compile for various CPU targets, and the proof of concept was when I compiled for a x86_64 CPU (all previous builds had been for i686). I was able to build a x86_64-based Quirky, and it works the same as the i686 build (after some tweaks).

Great! I decided to jump this new Quirky to 7.0, and gave it the codename "April".

Also, there have been a lot of infrastructure improvements since the last release of Quirky, as well as application upgrades.

Quirky is intended to be installed as a full installation, either to a drive (such as a USB Flash stick), or a hard-drive partition.
The smallest download is this file, which is an image that can be installed by means of the supplied scripts. Only (131.8MB):

Have a look here, and you will see other files to download:

...this includes a live-CD .iso file, but do read the install guide first, to fully understand the choices:

The above links are to the x86_64 CPU build, that is, any PC with a 64-bit x86 CPU -- which is just about all PCs manufactured in the last 4-5 years.

There is also an i686 build, which is for 32-bit x86 CPUs. Note, this will also work on x86_64 bit CPUs. The main limitation is a max. of 4GB of RAM, plus is a tad slower.
Download from here:

Quirky, just like Puppy, includes the "kitchen sink" with all builds -- everything you need, in a tiny 132MB download. Have fun!


I have started a Forum thread for feedback:

T2 is a system to compile packages from source.
woofQ is a system to build Quirky from binary packages.

Read about the online repositories here:

This mirror in Australia does not yet have april-7.0, presumably it will be there sometime:

All of the above links to release notes and install instructions still apply, please read those.

To grab 7.0.1, see my blog post:

Please see the blog announcement here:

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