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udftools 1.0.0b5

February 12, 2015 — BarryK
The UDF filesystem allows mounting of CD/DVD media read-write. Even write-once media, such as a CD-R, can be rewritten -- that is, if a file is to be changed, the new file gets written but the previous version remains, just becomes inaccessible.

I did briefly look at UDF in 2013, but only as far as mounting:

Fortunately, Puppy Forum member 'amigo' posted a comment, with a link to here:

amigo has collected lots of patches, which I have put into T2, except for '007-udftools-last-cvs.patch' as it failed.
There was one patch already in T2, a fix for gcc43.

I have compiled it for Wary64 (60K):

Now I have to learn how to use it...

Tags: linux