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Wary64 6.98 (7.0 RC)

February 11, 2015 — BarryK
I have uploaded Wary64 6.98, or "7.0 Release Candidate".

Wary64 has the same code-base as April64. The only difference is smaller size, which is mostly achieved by providing a small subset of the Xorg drivers -- in particular, there is no llvm, mesa, opengl.

I also left out Qt4, which is required for the VLC media player. However, I discovered that the Xine media player, which only requires Xlib (not GTK or Qt libs), plays all of my test videos.
Xine is small, and works well with external ffmpeg libs.

Anyway, get Wary64 from here: you can see, I did not manage to get down to 100MB, reaching 110.8MB!

A couple of packages not there are samba and pidgin. Instead of the latter, SeaMonkey provides IRC chat.

I also took out some less-needed kernel modules. This is what we used to call the "zdrv" (8MB):

Here is the "devx" PET (244MB):

These zdrv and devx PETs should also be available via the Package Manager -- just type "devx" and "linux_modules_extra" in the search box.

No live-CD yet. I intend to work on that next.


I have started a forum thread for feedback:

These links explain about Bones, and how to checkout T2 and woofQ:

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