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Wary64 coming soon

February 09, 2015 — BarryK
Just to let you know what I'm up to...

"Wary64" is coming soon. Like the old i486 Wary Puppy 5.x, this new x86_64 Wary aims for very small size.
My aim is 100MB, and expect to get close.

Right now, I am doing a complete recompile in T2, as I had changed a couple of package versions.
That should complete tonight, so perhaps there will be an upload of Wary64 tomorrow.

Other news is that I now have a small media player that plays all of my test videos. It only needs Xlib, so Wary64 will not require the large Qt4 package (which VLC needs).

It is great fun tweaking Wary64 to try and reach the 100MB goal!

Note, Wary64 has the same code-base as April64, so anything compiled in the former will work in the latter.

Tags: linux