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Quirky 7.0.1 released

March 05, 2015 — BarryK
It is a little over one week since Quirky 7.0 was released. 7.0.1 is a bugfix release.

Please read the blog post for 7.0, for full announcement, release notes, and install instructions:

You can find 7.0.1 here:

There are faster mirrors, for example nluug in Europe:

If you already have 7.0 installed, then an upgrade to 7.0.1 is available as a "Service Pack", a small PET package.
Read an explanation of Service Packs here:

Summarizing the improvements:
1. Support Serbian keyboard and locale.
2. More Broadcom b43 firmware.
3. Fix for locale changes, fixdesk script.
4. Some icons were missing, needed by Pidgin.
5. Flsynclient was broken.
6. Roaring Penguin PPPOE, some executables were missing.
7. Small improvement to live-CD install to frugal.
8. The devx PET now has fltk1.

What's next?
One thing that is planned for 7.0.2 is improvements to the frugal install.
It is expected to boot faster, run in less RAM, and save sessions considerably faster.

Please provide any feedback to this Forum thread, page 9:


I have uploaded the latest woofQ, used to build Quirky 7.0.1, to the Bones-hosted repository, commit '20150306085604'.

Read about Bones and how to download woofQ here:

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