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SeaMonkey with Lightning

March 13, 2015 — BarryK
Puppy Forum member 'labbe5' posted this news about LXLE adopting SeaMonkey:

The article at LXLE is an interesting read:

The article is amusing in some ways. Puppy has had SM as the main browser for, how many years? Must be about 10 years.

I always saw SM as the best compromise, and held out against pressure from many Puppy-users who wanted Firefox, Opera, or Chrome.

The integrated suite is what makes SM great, and the LXLE article states that they will be bundling Fireftp and Lightning addons.

Now that is interesting. The old Netscape had a calendar module, but it fell by the wayside. In Quirky, and the pups I used to build, I use Osmo personal organizer, which is OK. However, Lightning brings to the table tight integration with SM, and that is what makes it very attractive.

I haven't tried Lightning yet, but presume the LXLE people have, and found it works reliably.

Right now I am compiling SM 2.33. I am planning to release April 7.1 with this SM, and Lightning, removing Osmo.


Compile failed. I searched, found a patch for Firefox:

This is a fix for configure option "--disable-logging".

This is a new bug for 2.33. I am getting used to SM developers not testing all configure options.

With SM 2.32.x, I needed "--enable-ldap", otherwise the "omni.ja" file could not get created.
I don't know if 2.33 has fixed that one.

Anyway, I modified the Firefox patch, started the compile again, hopefully my "--disable-logging" option will be OK this time.

I am afraid that 2.33 has not improved much in this regard.

Quirky 7.0.1 testers reported that the Add-Ons Manager in SM 2.32.1 does not show installed add-ons. Well, that bug is still there.

It's an add-ons manager isn't it?!!!! Yet doesn't actually manage the add-ons.

The Adobe Flash plugin has an option to "ask to activate", which, on the surface of it seems like a great idea.
Embedded Flash in websites does not automatically play, instead you have to click on it to allow it to play.
Great, except that it doesn't work.

The Download Manager has empty fields. I think that I first noticed this bug in 2.30.

These bugs are all serious.

Oh, I should mention, I installed Lightning in 2.33, it did not appear in the SM menu, and seems to be totally non-functional.

I am very curious. Right now I am compiling SM 2.29.1, to see if it has any of the above bugs.

I found it worked at:

I haven't tried anywhere else yet.

Lightning does not show up under "Window" menu, as do the other components of SM, such as Chatzilla.

Instead, it seems to only be available when the Mail&News component is run.

Which immediately makes me not like it.

A calendar app should be "standalone", can use email if required, that is, be tightly integrated with Mail&News but not subservient to it.

I am running SM 2.29.1, it still has the bugs I have reported in later versions.
I am going to try 2.26.1

...asked, and it is SM 2.33.

So, do I have a pre-compile configure option wrong?

Sigh, I guess that I will take another look at my mozconfig file, try some changes.

So, it looks like I need to experiment with my configure options.
Most likely, it is an option that is specifying a system library, instead of SM's own internal version.

I found out why the Add-Ons Manager is broken in SM.

It is my fault, using a cut-down icu data library. I either need to use the full library (21MB, versus my cutdown 460KB), or recompile SM to use its own internal icu.

I am working today, my volunteer job, so will decide about that this evening.

Note, I tested SM in Fatdog64 700, it has the same bug.

I could go back to a pre-icu SM, maybe 2.26.1, but that is probably not a good idea. Better stay with 2.33.

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