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de, it langpacks

April 25, 2015 — BarryK
Forum member L18L has sent me a new German (de) langpack. I have uploaded it here (4.2MB):

Notes for L18L:
I fixed /root/spot. Directory and subdirectories need to have ownership spot:spot.
Why are there .pot files in /usr/sbin? That is the wrong place for them.

I downloaded the latest Italian (it) langpack, created by forum member xanad, see here:

However, I cannot use it. The problem is, it contains binary executables. I noticed 'gmeasures' for example, that is internationalised in Quirky 7.0.3.
If a binary executable is not yet internationalised in Quirky, then it should be left out of the langpack.

I intended for langpacks to reside in a "noarch" repository, and to work with any CPU.
Note, I also intended that one langpack can work for all variants of Puppy/Quirky -- this is doable, but does need a bit more development of MoManager to make it easier.

So, I am staying with the older Italian langpack created by vicmz, see here:


Thanks very much to xanad, who responded graciously to my above post about binary executables not being in a langpack.

xanad has created a new PET, here it is (3MB):

Tags: linux