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Launch app in another language

April 23, 2015 — BarryK
Forum member L18L is one of our translation experts, and has made many great contributions, such as improving MoManager (translation GUI, see Utility menu) and creation and maintaining of the German (de) language pack.

L18L has create a PET for opening any application in a specific language:

I have taken the script 'launch_app_in_another_LANGUAGE' out of it and put it into woofQ, in usr/sbin. Also the two images that the script needs.
Also put usr/share/i18n/lang_names into woofQ.
But left out the locale files that are in the PET.

There is some more stuff to do, see L18L's interesting posts here:


I have also decided to put the '' translation files in that PET, directly into woofQ, inside usr/share/locale.

I also modified usr/sbin/delayedrun, as per the script of the PET.

This means that a language-chooser window will popup before quicksetup runs. One more window at first startup, which was why I was a bit reluctant to implement it, but it is certainly handy for non-English users.

Of course, I could have just left it as a separate PET, but the functionality is good enough to be built-in to woofQ I think, to ensure it is always available.

Probably also, the locale selection in quicksetup should be preset to whatever was chosen in the language-selector.

Tags: linux