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Quirky 7.0.3 released

April 09, 2015 — BarryK
Another one in the Quirky "April" series. This is a bug-fix release, plus an experimental new GUI installer.

Read about the new Quirky Installer:

Get it from here:

Brief release notes, relative to 7.0.2:
1. April64 build has kernel 3.19.2, with EFI support.
2. probepart, probedisk utilities have EFI fix.
3. openssl security upgrade.
4. Frugal/live-CD save-session now option ask at shutdown.
5. xclip, Gparted, popup, dmidecode upgraded.
6. Fixed missing xsane executable.
7. New apps Pup-SysInfo (replace Hardinfo), Prun.
8. Pschedule fix.
9. installquirky new GUI installer.

Feedback is welcome here:


Oh, yes, there is also the i686 build, for those who have 32-bit-only CPUs, or have 64-bit CPU but want to run the 32-bit Quirky.

Tags: quirky, linux