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Quirky April 7.0.4 released

April 27, 2015 — BarryK
Quirky "April series" 7.0.4 is released. This is another bug-fix release, with incremental improvements since 7.0.

The full announcement and release notes for 7.0 are here:

Quirky 7.0.3 was released on April 9, see blog announcement:

Download 7.0.4 from here:

Faster mirror site:

Installation README:

Upgrade README:

Release notes for 7.0.4, relative to 7.0.3:
1. 'ghostview' script to display .ps files.
2. New 'gsl' package.
3. Hardinfo (hardware information) version upgrade.
4. Quirky Installer improved (see /usr/local/install_quirky).
5. Package Manager improvements.
6. 'popup' utility has new features.
7. QuickSetup now has instant language translation.
8. Bugfix for Isomaster (ISO editor).

One interesting thing you will notice at first bootup when QuickSetup runs (also can be run from the Setup menu). Language flags, that offer immediate translation of the QuickSetup, and 'welcome1stboot', windows.
Appropriate and files are now built-in to Quirky -- so if you want this new feature for your language, use MoManager to create them (see Utility menu) and send to me.
The script /usr/sbin/quicksetup also has translations for some things, such as tooltips, built-in to the script. Some of which I used Google-translate to create, so you are welcome to revise the translations.

Planned for future
I was intending to add UEFI booting for the live-CD, however that is deferred, probably to 7.0.5.

Feedback is welcome here:


I have updated the T2 and woofQ online bones repositories.

I updated gtkmm, glibmm, atkmm and pangomm packages.

However, these are compiled statically, so no shared libraries, and they are only in the 'devx' PET.

In QuickSetup, when it runs at first bootup, if a non-English locale is chosen, a message will display about availability or otherwise of a "langpack". This message was the reverse of what it is supposed to be.

QuickSetup, the above-mentioned message, and "welcome1stboot" window will all display in the chosen language, if appropriate '' and '' files exist for that language (these are now built-in to Quirky).
However, the welcome1stboot window was displaying in English always. Fixed.

The x86 (i686) live-CD did not boot, also fixed.

Quirky is to be found at the "7.0.4" URLs given above.

Tags: quirky, linux