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App Inventor2 compiled

July 22, 2015 — BarryK
Just a quick report. I posted about AI2 here:

I have compiled AI2 from source, and successfully run it locally. That is, I can start the local server and point the browser at it, and develop apps.

I have not yet tested connecting a phone.

This is happening in Quirky April. I plan to create PETs and build a special developers edition of Quirky, for creating apps. At first, the target will be for Android.

Starting AI2 should be as simple as selecting it from the menu. Lots of fun, but it is getting on to 1am here. have to sleep!


Setting up my new Developer edition of April, I have created six PETs:


The last one is the complete source of App Inventor, and all tools are provided to compile it.

These PETs provide everything for creating Android apps, from the direct Java coding using Android Studio, to high-level visual programming using App Inventor.

There will be a desktop icon for App Inventor, just click to start it.

These PETs are huge. I have almost used up my 12GB monthly allowance, will wait until August 8 to upload.

I am planning that the new developer-April will be ready to create apps out-of-the-box. Considering combining the 'devx' into the build. It is going to be big though.

This will be initially for creating apps for Linux and Android.

I did have a go at compiling QtCreator in Quirky awhile ago, it failed. Will give it another go.

I am trying to think of a catchy name for this new Quirky... "Appril"? ...ha ha, that is too dumb.

Tags: linux