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download_file abort

July 13, 2015 — BarryK
The previous few days I was using the Package Manager a lot, downloading DEBs from the Ubuntu server.

At one stage, the server was not responding properly, and file download would not start or would freeze partway through.
The Package Manager, also known as the PPM (Puppy Package Manager) before Quirky forked, calls /usr/sbin/download_file to do the actual download, and this puts up a urxvt window top-left of screen to monitor the progress of wget (the download utility).

There is no proper way to handle this freeze situation, so I have added an Abort button into download_file. It displays just below the urxvt monitoring-window.

It works nice. If a download freeze occurs, hit this Abort button and another window will popup and ask if you want to try again or abort, and if the file is partially downloaded will ask if you want to try to continue or start afresh.

This will be in the next Quirky.

Tags: linux