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JDK, Android Studio PETs

July 22, 2015 — BarryK
I have made the JDK7 and Android Studio into PETs.

JDK (147.7M):

Android Studio (246.2M):

These should work on all pups, not just Quirky. They run on a 32-bit distro, or a 64-bit with 32-bit libs.

Installation is into /opt/android. A menu entry is created in the Utilities category, to run Android Studio.

I might not do it this way in future, instead might just create a download script to fetch them (that is, not have PETs).
I also created a PET for the Android NDK, but it is 901MB, so backed off.


Just a quick note, I removed the PETs. Have to fix something.

Have also installed ant, and having a go at compiling AI2.

Will re-upload PETs soon.

Tags: linux