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Linux kernel 4.1.2

July 12, 2015 — BarryK
In the last couple of posts, I mentioned that I have created Quirky built from Ubuntu Wily Werewolf (15.10) DEBs:

Then, I was using an older kernel. Now I have compiled Linux kernel 4.1.2, with aufs4 patch, no other third-party patches.
I have finally left out ndiswrapper, as is seems to be obsolete.

It is configured for a Pentium-Pro CPU (i686) minimum, no support for PAE (so recognises max. 4GB RAM), and no support for EFI booting.
This is a very conventional configuration, however I intend that any old i686 PCs can be used as a workhorse for creating applications. Quirky will of course boot on Win8 PCs with legacy-mode enabled in the EFI "BIOS" firmware.

The kernel is configured with many drivers built-in, such as aufs, squashfs, f2fs and zram.

Now, I have added support for apparmor, though have not set it as the default, so has to be invoked by a kernel boot commandline parameter.

I also enabled encrypted ext4 filesystem, which is a new feature introduced with the 4.1 kernel. No idea how to use it though.

All sources are here:
U#se#r: p#up#py P#as#sw#or#d: l#in#ux

The PETs are here:


Instructions here:

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