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PPAs for Ubuntu SDK

July 05, 2015 — BarryK
I posted about Ubuntu PPAs back in 2013:

I have started to setup the Quirky build system to build Quirky from Ubuntu 15.10 Wiley Werewolf (alpha1) DEB packages, with a view to creating an out-of-the-box developer platform based on QtCreator.
This is an idea that I introduced here:

The PPAs that have the QtCreator DEBs for Ubuntu Phone development are here:

I have put this repository into the Quirky Package Manager, so these PPA DEBs will be readily accessible and installable.
The repo will be named "ppa_main" in the Package Manager.

Read all about the Ubuntu SDK, which is QtCreator with enhancements for Ubuntu Phone development, here:


Ah, so nice. First startup of Quirky built from Ubuntu Wily Werewolf (alpha1) DEBs, I have got the desktop, no errors anywhere.

Except for one odd thing. I did a full install to a ext4 partition, sda12, and the "rootwait" kernel boot parameter hung forever.
Removed that, it booted, but some odd error messages in kernel log.

Changed sda12 to ext3, now the kernel boots without error.

Strange, but I have never actually booted Puppy/Quirky to a ext4 partition before. There is an issue here that has to be resolved.

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