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Ubuntu SDK working in Quirky

July 11, 2015 — BarryK
Ubuntu SDK is now running in Quirky Werewolf, my latest build of Quirky as reported in the previous post:

I spent many hours wading through the Ubuntu repository, looking for packages that seem to be useful/needed by the Ubuntu SDK, (QtCreator) apart from those listed as dependencies.

The Quirky Package Manager reported that package 'ubuntu-sdk' has 416 missing dependencies!

But, there were other packages needed. Plus gcc was misconfigured. Anyway, eventually I compiled a simple QML "hello world" GUI app, for the Linux desktop only so far.

Don't seem to have all required packages for Ubuntu Touch target, nor Android target.

Note, I downloaded Ubuntu Wily Werewolf DVD iso file, 2.3GB, but found that it is unable to detect my wi-fi network. What, never had that problem before.
Also, the installer won't just install to a partition, without installing a boot loader. That is so annoying for me. So, shelved installing Ubuntu.

next thing I have to do is go back to the Quirky build system, and do a build with all the needed DEBs, plus fix some installation issues.
When I can build a Quirky that supports a target of Linux-desktop in Ubuntu SDK, I will then look at other targets.


Matt kindly sent me an email about my problem with installing Ubuntu:

Hi Barry,
I have been running grub4dos for several years and had the same problem. The fix is rather easy, have the installed system install the boot loader in that system partition. Then run grub from your system and have it make the boot selections. I found this works in any linux system I install, but won't work for windows. No problem there, I almost never boot to windows any more. Hope this helps.

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