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AI2 uses Android-SDK

August 13, 2015 — BarryK
I reported yesterday that I have got emulation working in App Inventor:

There is a package provided by MIT, named "ai2-setup", that provided the files needed for connecting to a phone via USB, or using an emulator.
That package has many quite large files taken out of the Android SDK, and a large data file that could have been generated at runtime.

I have an Android SDK PET, that I created with only API-15 support (Android 4.0.3) (as that is the minimum version that I want to create apps for). It is still a very large PET!

I have eliminated most of the fat in "ai2-setup" by getting AI2 to use the Android SDK directly.
ai2-setup is now a very small PET.

The emulator needs to have the 'MIT AI2 Companion.apk' installed into it, and I opted to do that at runtime, the first time that AI2 is launched.

Here are some useful links on working with the Android emulator on the commandline:

Tags: linux